How to Eliminate Self Doubt Forever

One of my life missions is to try to get people to talk and share their story about them being diagnosed “differently” if you will. I wish I could interview everybody who was born differently and or who is a parent of a child who was born differently and have them share their story. Unfortunately though in the real world, that’s not how it is all the time.I have always been open to tell my story because that’s how my parents raised me, not to be afraid, and you might help somebody along the way. The older I get the more my conscience starts talking to me and tells me to pull back on the horse reins a little bit because you also don’t want to set people running at the same time. I know it can be a risk sometimes to be open to somebody else, but if the gamble works then you could not only help somebody out and make them feel more comfortable with their problems, you may also even make a friend in the process. Being diagnosed differently is something that you will never be able to overcome, however it is something that you will learn how to cope with and get better at coping with it. So I figured I would write some tips.

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